Libraries are filled with endless supply of books and knowledge, however in todays society is searching through a library to find that one book your looking for, a thing of the past? E-books began in the late 1940’s, and has only recently grown to popularity. Why did the e-book take so long to get on our shelves? Well simply as time went by, technology advanced and today the e-book is packed with amazing features that everyone will enjoy.

An e-book put simply is an electronic version of a book! In order to read an e-book you must first require an e-book reader like a Kindle that was developed by Amazon in 2007. This electronic device is shaped like a tablet and will allow you to access your e-books library. This amazing piece of technology is saving readers money and time by having majority of books online, ready for you to simply search, pay for and start to read. This simple process appeals to many people especially due to it’s convenience of size and portability. We live in a technology driven world where we demand and search for easier and simple ways to do things.


  • Has the ability to contain thousands of e-books (only limit is memory capacity)
  • Have no space? No worries the e-book takes up little room and space!
  • Don’t speak English? No worries the e-book has the ability to translate languages! This is a great feature as it offers other people who speak different languages a way to embrace a book that was not printed in their language.
  • Bad eye sight? Don’t worry you have the ability to enlarge the motion, size and font of your book.
  • Once you have purchased a device like a Kindle, you can then buy your ebooks, which is cheaper then at a regular store!


  • A book will never turn itself off, and furthermore a shelf book has a longer life expectancy then an e-book reader.
  • Once you drop it, it has the ability to break thus will cost more money to fix. While a book would just fall to the ground and you pick it up.
  • Glares on screens when reading out in public. This can cause some eye damage as well as frustration!
  • Although advancing technology is good, this can be seen as a bad thing when formats change and your stuck with an e-book reader that doesn’t read the new e-books. A book would never update to the point you can’t read it!