Creativity isn’t something that comes easy to most people, however in order to open up your mind, there are some steps that you can take. John Cleese sheds some light on how to gain creativity and achieve an open mind. The steps are space, time, time, confidence and humour.

Space can be achieved by sealing yourself away from demands, no stress and you become undisturbed. This can be done by turning off your mobile phone and other technology, choose a room with natural lighting and minimal distractions.

Time is an interesting yet crucial step in allowing your mind to become open and for creativity to come to you. Cleese means by the first time is that you must be in your space for a specific amount of time because it allows your mind to clear itself. When you first enter your space, your mind will be a mess and will go through every little detail of things you must do. You need to allocate yourself enough time to calm down and let your mind relax so you can create an oasis of quiet.

The second ‘time’ is a different concept from the first; this is the time in-which creativity comes to you. Cleese uses the example of the Monty Python scripts, how his colleague would just take the easy road and leave by 5pm, however Cleese would sit there and ponder on the idea until a more creative answer came up. The time difference between Cleese and his colleague lies within the time they spent on the problem. The more time spent thinking about a problem; it is more likely that you will come up with a more creative solution.

Confidence in yourself is something that you will require in order to open your mind. You cannot hold onto the fear of making a mistake, there is no such thing as a mistake. Let go of the fear and creativity will come to you.

The final step is humour; this one can be seen as the quickest method to get from a closed mind to an open one. Laughter brings relaxation, you let go and happiness takes over you. You will be prone to more positive thoughts if you’re happy.

Cleese’s steps are great to consider if you’re having writers block or just wanting to find creative solutions to problems.