This whole post is dedicated to one of my favourite trends seen around Melbourne, Ombre. Ombre can be described as blending two or three colours or even dip-dye.  Ombre can be seen in jumpers, shirts, shorts, nails and ever hair (can also be known as dip-dyed however can come in both a natural and un-natural look). I love this trend because of how universal it is among women, no matter who you are, you can be apart of this amazing trend. Celebrities are obsessed with ombre, like Drew Barrymore’s hair is a perfect example of a ‘natural’ looking ombre. The best part is that it doesn’t take a particular ‘look’ to pull this of or any type of skill (although with the hair you might want to take your time or even seek a professionals advice). Another great thing about this trend is it allows creativity, for example you can paint your nails or even tie-dye your own shorts! This is a fun and colourful trend for Spring and one that is very popular around Melbourne.