Our aim was to show a vast range of insecurities, which were going to be displayed through different gender, ages and nationalities. I decided to take that one step further and see what the last verse of the poem would be like in another language. Tina speaks fluent Greek and translated the poem for me. Watching her translate the poem was also interesting, as it was deemed more complex in Greek then in English. It had taken a full ten minutes to translate and than only a few minutes to record. The recording was great! I loved how it sounded so ethnic and unique, completely different to anything else that we had recorded. The reason why we didn’t place this in our finished piece was due to the lack of other languages. If we managed to get someone who spoke Italian, French, Spanish etc, then we could have used this recording. Greek was too random when placed together with our other audio. I’m still glad that I had recorded this and attempted to implement it in our piece, was an interesting experience.