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Nervously watching the clock as the time drew closer and closer to being on-air, and Jessie was no where to be seen. We all got up and made our way to studio two where, we met a calm and collected Jessie walking through the doors. I was so thankful she made it in time, as I was already a little nervous about paneling, as I haven’t done that in years. Sitting down I had brief moments of complete blankness and than realizing that I had only 1min and 45sec left to cue everyones mics and the first audio CD. Quickly I cued everything and lined up our theme, 5,4,3,2,1 and we were on-air.

Overall the show went amazingly, I was so grateful to have such an amazing and active group that support each other. My biggest mistake was that I thought my producer Jenny put the CD I had to play next on my left side. I than grabbed a CD without looking and quickly cued it. In all it was the wrong CD, in fact it was the previous show’s CD, and we had no idea who it was by or how long it went for as it was a burned disk. This than set me off into a panic and we let it play for a while as we discussed our next move. We all decided to change it to the right song, however we were stuck with not knowing when this wrong one ended. I faded down the wrong one, put in a sting, than played the correct disk/song. Later on we told Elizabeth what had happened and she advised us that we should have just let the wrong song finish and than play the right one. That would have been our plan if we knew when the wrong song ended, but now we know for next time. It was a minor mistake and I have learned a lot from it, next time the panel operator should be in charge of music so that way they know which disk and when to play it, also to label burned disks.

Jenny worked so hard as producer, she even organized the on-air interview, and Tom and Jessie had collaborated amazingly to produce great and interesting questions. Zoe worked hard throughout the show as our on-air producer, tweeting and uploading everything. Group 6 is a great group and I loved our first show together, I can’t wait for the next one!

The Gaming Industry in Australia


Independent game developers in Australia are met with unreasonable classification prices and many hoops to jump through due to their platform of choice (PC, XBOX, PS3 etc), while others (like APPS for smartphones) are now seen as the key market and don’t have any price to pay for their creative production. This change in market has driven many independent developers to close production and face a lot of debt. I want to explore the change in the market by interviewing someone within the industry and get their opinion on not only smart phone APPs but also what they think of the classification board and how this is affecting Melbourne’s independent game developers and the gaming industry overall in Australia.


This year Australians can finally get their hands on an R-18+ game in gaming and technology stores, which of course is a major break through in Australia and something that gamers have been fighting the classification board and the government for a long time.

So you would think that with this breakthrough everything would settle in the Australian gaming industry, however there are problems that I’m sure a lot of gamers aren’t aware of, because I know I wasn’t.

To begin with being a small independent gaming company in Australia is a risk on it’s on, as the market is huge and to be successful you need to not only have a fantastic game but also have the money to back it. You can’t put your game forth to the classification board unless it meets with a few very specific criteria, oh and almost one grand just to pitch your game.

With up and coming independent gaming developers having high dreams of getting their game out there, they are then faced with the struggling to jump through all of classification hoops and come up with the ridiculous fee. These developers are being scrutinized based on the choice of platform they choose to develop in. While developers who choose to release a game via APP for smart phones don’t have to pay the classification board or even get it assessed. Its unfair that the classification board has such a high price on a certain niche.

Big Ant Studios was a gaming company located in the heart of Melbourne before they were forced into liquidation and is in a huge amount of debt, 6.7 million. This is just one of two Australian independent developing company’s that were forced into liquidation due to the market shifting to a mobile and smaller games instead of larger ones designed for multi platforms.

Possible Interviews (Not in any order in particular, just people who would have a fanatic opinion on the topic)


  • Big Ant Studios

Even though they have filed for liquidation they are a company that unfortunately had a negative effect about the market change. If possible I would love to ask them about their opinion on the market (however there may not be anyone left to talk to/willing to talk to me as it would be a difficult time for many)


Level 1, 71 City Road, Southbank, Victoria, 3006


Phone: (03) 9600 2111

Fax: (03) 9670 0055



A Melbourne Independent College that specializes in creative digital media education. They have a course in animation, games design games programing, graphics design and interactive media.


Qantm Melbourne

235 Normanby Road
South Melbourne VIC 3205

Tel. +61 (0)3 8632 3450
Fax. +61 (0)3 8632 3401


  • Andrew Goulding

Mr Goulding is the creator of the company Brawsom that specialize in comedic games. Mr Goulding is an independent game developer who founded Brawsome in 2008. One of his games ‘Jolly Rover’ was declared best Australian game, and a fantastic example of an independent game developer making it in the market.


Web pages that have helped me

  • Follow up questions are always more valuable then the pre written questions then you have previously come up with.
  • Learning something new in the interview
  • Always have those 10 questions, then where possible DON’T GIVE THEM A LIST OF QUESTIONS, put those questions into points/subjects if they insist on pre reading questions. Then in a live interview you can turn those points into structured questions.
  • When they seem excited about an area (MAKE A NOTE DON’T LET THEM GIVE IT ALL BEFORE YOU’RE ON MARK)
  • Eye contact
  • Non-verbal gestures
  • Time – Keep and eye on the time, for example if you only require 5min, don’t interview someone for more then twice the amount of time (so no more then 10min)! You need to remember that you have to edit this!
  • Avoid double barrel questions – Try not to overload the person with questions
  • Listen to the answers
  • Ask them what they mean, if you don’t know.
  • Don’t repeat the answer in your own words
  • Tone gives the impression that the interview has come to the end

When I first listened to RRR the program I caught was Detour hosted by Jacinta and the time was 11:03am. Jacinta has a great voice and introduced her interview Carol with warmth and interest. Carol was on Detour to discuss E Books specializing in women. Their was many E Books ranging from periods, menopause however it was the domestic abuse E Book that gained the most attention. That particular E Book was the only one for free in the series as it was considered the more serious and unfortunately a highly relatable subject for a lot of women. Jacinta was complimented by Carol on her interviewing skills and I couldn’t agree more, she was polite, patient and always had a follow up question.

The sponsorship announcements that were played during Detour started with The Strokes have a new CD being released, Trance a film about a highly expensive painting being stolen is about to be released and RRR will present a special screening at the Nova for subscribers that win.

When I got off the tram the first thing I noticed was all the amazing posters that surrounded the building. This already gave me a feeling of a fun and casual atmosphere before even entering.

There was a very casual atmosphere presented throughout the community radio home. Everyone seemed friendly and fun especially judging from their attire, as there didn’t seem to be any/much of a business feel which is great because that’s what they’re trying to achieve which is a fun and friendly community radio station for everyone to listen to. Their mission statement is ‘to educate, inform and entertain by drawing upon appropriate community resources. To develop a critical approach to contemporary culture.’ RRR is very Melbourne based, they aren’t too interested in international affairs, however doesn’t mean they get ignored. RRR has many amazing programs that touch on many different subjects like science, medical and politics.

RRR has three broadcasting rooms where there is one main and more popular one in which people prefer to present their shows from. Coincidently that is the same room that we will be using when we present our show ‘Room with a View.’  They also have a room dedicated for voice overs where they would record promos for their shows and advertising.