It was fun to get people to read out the poem, not so much fun asking people what they’re insecure about. This was my second person who I recorded with on a H2 Zoom (well that’s what it said on the bag, unsure which one it really was). The recording of the last verse only had taken myself and the other person twenty five seconds. They’re short and to the point which was great as we weren’t likely to confuse someone. I needed to tell my person the tone and speed we desired but not to get too caught up in the technical part, just read it how you feel. This was the third attempt at him reading the poem, he read it with emotion and at the right speed we wanted. I held the device away from his mouth incase of any popping noises, and he had a strong voice so lying down was okay to read the poem. If someone had a weak voice I probably would have asked them to sit up and and that way we get clear audio. There where no issues with this audio and I’m glad I recorded this via my Mac. It as an interesting reflection piece as really I should have been looking at my levels. But in all a great experience and I thank both him and Tina for helping me out on this project.