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This is the Google Doc that Ezra and I had started, the pink writing are some of the ideas that I had come up with. I love drafting it is a great process, I love getting all the silly ones out there and realising that they’re aren’t so silly. If we didn’t do the original poem, than I would have loved to do the ‘girls going out’ idea with inner monologues. It would have been a fun and completely different experience, it would have also been a challenge and something I would have liked to have done. The sounds we could have created would have been great like bottle opening, make up related sounds, hair dryer etc. I would have also liked a further comedic element like my cat have a monologue, that would have been great!

The poem was inspiring, beautiful and relatable. I enjoyed working on such a unique and original piece which aims such a positive message to everyone.

It was fun to get people to read out the poem, not so much fun asking people what they’re insecure about. This was my second person who I recorded with on a H2 Zoom (well that’s what it said on the bag, unsure which one it really was). The recording of the last verse only had taken myself and the other person twenty five seconds. They’re short and to the point which was great as we weren’t likely to confuse someone. I needed to tell my person the tone and speed we desired but not to get too caught up in the technical part, just read it how you feel. This was the third attempt at him reading the poem, he read it with emotion and at the right speed we wanted. I held the device away from his mouth incase of any popping noises, and he had a strong voice so lying down was okay to read the poem. If someone had a weak voice I probably would have asked them to sit up and and that way we get clear audio. There where no issues with this audio and I’m glad I recorded this via my Mac. It as an interesting reflection piece as really I should have been looking at my levels. But in all a great experience and I thank both him and Tina for helping me out on this project.

Team work is something that you will have to encounter throughout your life, and University is no exception. As a team you need to realise really fast that everyone has an opinion and you can’t see that as a negative thing. You need to learn from one another, like I thought music throughout the piece would be good but both my team members and faculty showed me that it could end up too ‘cheesy,’ a thought that didn’t even cross my mind. Editing is extremely hard when it comes to a group, I began the editing process for around an hour and a half, and as I closed up on the two hour session I got booted out of the room. Than We all edited as a team, it was hard with only one mouse, and I had to explain where I was going and it took a while to get the ball moving, but when we did we got to work really well. We had some great ideas flowing especially around highlighting the one words and having one person read the poem at the end. As a group we worked really well, and I’m glad that we had chosen to work together as Joyce was amazing at editing and collecting the voices, Ezra had some unique ideas and the online work would still barley touched if it wasn’t for her. 

Great ideas! 

  • You’re not 12, everyone has a casual job or somewhere they need to be and the faster you accept this and work around it as a team the better. 
  • Allow people to fully talk before exchange your ideas, you never know where theres could end up. 
  • Take breaks! Casual chatting really does wonders for creativity and you will find yourself actually wanting to be there. 

I really love my group, they’re both amazing girls and would love to work with them again one day! 

Our aim was to show a vast range of insecurities, which were going to be displayed through different gender, ages and nationalities. I decided to take that one step further and see what the last verse of the poem would be like in another language. Tina speaks fluent Greek and translated the poem for me. Watching her translate the poem was also interesting, as it was deemed more complex in Greek then in English. It had taken a full ten minutes to translate and than only a few minutes to record. The recording was great! I loved how it sounded so ethnic and unique, completely different to anything else that we had recorded. The reason why we didn’t place this in our finished piece was due to the lack of other languages. If we managed to get someone who spoke Italian, French, Spanish etc, then we could have used this recording. Greek was too random when placed together with our other audio. I’m still glad that I had recorded this and attempted to implement it in our piece, was an interesting experience.