Social media has endless supply of an audience, its highly accessible and can be viewed anywhere in the world by anyone. On top of that it’s easy to navigate and has great possibilities for interaction. You can use social media in many ways throughout an interactive documentary, like utilizing different platforms for example statuses on Facebook, locations on Twitter and photos on Instagram. The social media will not only help produce an interactive documentary but it will also advance it. What that I’ve learned from last week and hopefully will expand of this week, revolves around the idea of public and private space being utilized in a unique and individual way. Many ideas raised from this were targeted at large public areas like Bourke Street etc. Some of our ideas involved buskers, signs, baked goods and pretty much a social experiment to see how people would react. This is all very exciting and I can’t wait too keep expanding our ideas and hopefully gain a viral feel through social media. This idea of viral is an idea that sparks a chain of views, something that people have either never seen before, crazy, emotionally driven or just so funny to so many people. The interactive documantary needs to sustain an audience’s attention throughout the entire time, by sparking curiosity using social media it can go along way.