So I thought that a smart mob was meant to be a group of people organized by social media for a cause. This can be defined as a group of people that are not organized who decided that they wish to dance in New York for E-Week in 2013. The title of this YouTube video is extremely misleading and this flash mob is more funny in a sad way than entertaining, especially the poor boy at the back who is completely beyond lost (you can put your weaker dancers at the back but when you film from above, you can’t hide him that easily). In all this film goes for 8min and 16 sec, I had to stop it at 1min and 31sec as it was that intolerable. Also the fact it goes for 8min is a little too long for comfort, I mean they’re in a public space ‘dancing’ for a full 8min would make me leave the shopping center not stay in curiosity. Overall a fail of a smart mob and really should be re named.