Nervously watching the clock as the time drew closer and closer to being on-air, and Jessie was no where to be seen. We all got up and made our way to studio two where, we met a calm and collected Jessie walking through the doors. I was so thankful she made it in time, as I was already a little nervous about paneling, as I haven’t done that in years. Sitting down I had brief moments of complete blankness and than realizing that I had only 1min and 45sec left to cue everyones mics and the first audio CD. Quickly I cued everything and lined up our theme, 5,4,3,2,1 and we were on-air.

Overall the show went amazingly, I was so grateful to have such an amazing and active group that support each other. My biggest mistake was that I thought my producer Jenny put the CD I had to play next on my left side. I than grabbed a CD without looking and quickly cued it. In all it was the wrong CD, in fact it was the previous show’s CD, and we had no idea who it was by or how long it went for as it was a burned disk. This than set me off into a panic and we let it play for a while as we discussed our next move. We all decided to change it to the right song, however we were stuck with not knowing when this wrong one ended. I faded down the wrong one, put in a sting, than played the correct disk/song. Later on we told Elizabeth what had happened and she advised us that we should have just let the wrong song finish and than play the right one. That would have been our plan if we knew when the wrong song ended, but now we know for next time. It was a minor mistake and I have learned a lot from it, next time the panel operator should be in charge of music so that way they know which disk and when to play it, also to label burned disks.

Jenny worked so hard as producer, she even organized the on-air interview, and Tom and Jessie had collaborated amazingly to produce great and interesting questions. Zoe worked hard throughout the show as our on-air producer, tweeting and uploading everything. Group 6 is a great group and I loved our first show together, I can’t wait for the next one!