When I first listened to RRR the program I caught was Detour hosted by Jacinta and the time was 11:03am. Jacinta has a great voice and introduced her interview Carol with warmth and interest. Carol was on Detour to discuss E Books specializing in women. Their was many E Books ranging from periods, menopause however it was the domestic abuse E Book that gained the most attention. That particular E Book was the only one for free in the series as it was considered the more serious and unfortunately a highly relatable subject for a lot of women. Jacinta was complimented by Carol on her interviewing skills and I couldn’t agree more, she was polite, patient and always had a follow up question.

The sponsorship announcements that were played during Detour started with The Strokes have a new CD being released, Trance a film about a highly expensive painting being stolen is about to be released and RRR will present a special screening at the Nova for subscribers that win.