Archives for the day of: March 27, 2013
  • Follow up questions are always more valuable then the pre written questions then you have previously come up with.
  • Learning something new in the interview
  • Always have those 10 questions, then where possible DON’T GIVE THEM A LIST OF QUESTIONS, put those questions into points/subjects if they insist on pre reading questions. Then in a live interview you can turn those points into structured questions.
  • When they seem excited about an area (MAKE A NOTE DON’T LET THEM GIVE IT ALL BEFORE YOU’RE ON MARK)
  • Eye contact
  • Non-verbal gestures
  • Time – Keep and eye on the time, for example if you only require 5min, don’t interview someone for more then twice the amount of time (so no more then 10min)! You need to remember that you have to edit this!
  • Avoid double barrel questions – Try not to overload the person with questions
  • Listen to the answers
  • Ask them what they mean, if you don’t know.
  • Don’t repeat the answer in your own words
  • Tone gives the impression that the interview has come to the end

When I first listened to RRR the program I caught was Detour hosted by Jacinta and the time was 11:03am. Jacinta has a great voice and introduced her interview Carol with warmth and interest. Carol was on Detour to discuss E Books specializing in women. Their was many E Books ranging from periods, menopause however it was the domestic abuse E Book that gained the most attention. That particular E Book was the only one for free in the series as it was considered the more serious and unfortunately a highly relatable subject for a lot of women. Jacinta was complimented by Carol on her interviewing skills and I couldn’t agree more, she was polite, patient and always had a follow up question.

The sponsorship announcements that were played during Detour started with The Strokes have a new CD being released, Trance a film about a highly expensive painting being stolen is about to be released and RRR will present a special screening at the Nova for subscribers that win.