Archives for the day of: March 25, 2013

When I got off the tram the first thing I noticed was all the amazing posters that surrounded the building. This already gave me a feeling of a fun and casual atmosphere before even entering.

There was a very casual atmosphere presented throughout the community radio home. Everyone seemed friendly and fun especially judging from their attire, as there didn’t seem to be any/much of a business feel which is great because that’s what they’re trying to achieve which is a fun and friendly community radio station for everyone to listen to. Their mission statement is ‘to educate, inform and entertain by drawing upon appropriate community resources. To develop a critical approach to contemporary culture.’ RRR is very Melbourne based, they aren’t too interested in international affairs, however doesn’t mean they get ignored. RRR has many amazing programs that touch on many different subjects like science, medical and politics.

RRR has three broadcasting rooms where there is one main and more popular one in which people prefer to present their shows from. Coincidently that is the same room that we will be using when we present our show ‘Room with a View.’  They also have a room dedicated for voice overs where they would record promos for their shows and advertising.