Amy Bryans was the first to play WINTWAI, and already there are some problems forming. To begin with she had no idea how to actually reply in order to gain points and answer the question. This would have been easily resolved though if I had made her read my synopsis which I didn’t. I was hoping the idea would be basic enough that anyone would just be able to join in and play, however I think my tweets may need a little prompting  for beginners. Another problem was that the prizes you win aren’t really motivating enough to play the game. I can see people playing this game to extend their knowledge on the world and locations, however not for travel tips and secrets. Maybe that’s just me, because I’m not that interested in locations around the world when I can just easily google them, instead of playing a game.


  • Learn about locations around the world
  • Exclusive deals are on offer
  • Can be addictive if you play often enough.
  • Make new friends


  • You need to read the synopses carefully.
  • Isn’t easy to just jump in and have a go.
  • If you don’t know how to use Twitter then you won’t be able to play.
  • Can seem a little boring.
  • Awards aren’t motivating enough.