ImageI made five changes to the Student Responsibilities Charter, and they are each significant and reflect my time at RMIT. To begin with I started with the idea of challenges, as that was the first thing that really grabbed my attention. At RMIT I have faced many challenges, to begin with I’m twenty-one in first year as I started late. I already feel the pressure and challenges to not only fit in but also the challenges of my age in a industry that has its age appropriate mediums. There will also be many more challenges that I will face in my journey through this degree, and I want to not only embrace them but overcome them.

My second change was about working hard, being passionate, finding your creativity and having fun. I believe that this is great advice for anyone at RMIT. You can’t go through a degree restricting yourself to fun, I truly believe a balance is needed to open your mind to creative thinking. Passion is a quality that will get you far at RMIT, if you’re truly passionate about your degree then the ‘work’ won’t be so hard, it will be fun.

My third change is something that I have tried to do my entire life, and this definitely applies to RMIT. Treat others as you would like to be treated, this is of-course very common advice that often goes unimplemented. I believe that if you treat others with kindness, then in return you yourself will receive their kindness. A great quality to possess if you’re like me and trying to make as many friends as possible.

My fourth significant change is accept everyone no matter how different they may seem, a chance is all that is needed. This is great advice that I wish more people would adopt. So many people get judged before they even open their mouths, it has happened to me and it probably happens to a lot of other people. In other words don’t judge anyone until you give them a chance, and if you’re not wiling to give someone a chance then maybe open your mind to new people. It’s like finding a diamond among rocks, something extra special because you opened yourself up, gave them a chance and they end up being a lovely person. You don’t know till you try!

My last and less significant change was changing thought into thoughts, as I believe not one thought will achieve a lot. You need to open your mind and expand, turning that one thought into lots of champion thoughts!