Google is not only my default search engine but it is also by far my favorite search engine as it provides me 9 times out of 10 exactly what I’m looking for on the first page. It’s easy to use, straight to the point and offers me a variety of websites. When I typed in fashion I get Vogue,, Wikipedia and then followed by stores that I’m highly interested in.

DuckDuckGo was my second favorite search engine; although I thought it was too basic with information. When I typed in fashion it gave me several definitions of the word, which was interesting, as Google doesn’t generally do that. It only had one add that I could see which was a positive thing, and another positive thing was the icon next to the websites, I thought that was a creative touch. Another positive things that I found when I typed in Fashion is that I got the ‘obvious’ results like Vogue and InStyle, which was great, saved me a lot of time! was very interesting and my least favorite search engine. The reason for this is because even though it’s fun and interactive however it didn’t give me what I needed straight away. Yes it gave me some interesting definitions and a fantastic mind map of thoughts when I typed in Fashion like Paris, Magazines, seasons etc. but really it didn’t provide me with any stable information.