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Once upon a time there was a girl called Natasha Zirafi who finally made it into her dream castle. The castle was of-course RMIT City campus where she pursued her dream of making it in the Media industry. It was a scary time though for Natasha as she felt too old to connect with the first years, and thoughts about not making friends made her extremely sad.

One afternoon she was sitting alone in building 9 level two, Natasha made eye contact with another girls and she instantly recognised this girl from her Broadcast Media class. The girls name was Amy Bryans, a short, funny and polite girl that Natasha had worked with previously on another task.

Natasha’s personality kicked in and she waved Amy over, together they sat reminiscing about Broadcast Media and how amazing it was to work with each other. They talked for around an hour and discovered that they have a lot in common, especially when it comes to boys. However while Natasha is still struggling in the department, Amy will always be there to lend some hilarious advice or to just laugh at Natasha’s misfortunes.

You can put it down to being at the right place at the right time, but on that day Natasha made a friend that she knew would defiantly carry on after that conversation had ended.

The End

To be continued ¬†for a very long time ūüôā

Amy Bryans was the first to play WINTWAI, and already there are some problems forming. To begin with she had no idea how to actually reply in order to gain points and answer the question. This would have been easily resolved though if I had made her read my synopsis which I didn’t. I was hoping the idea would be basic enough that anyone would just be able to join in and play, however I think my tweets may need a little prompting ¬†for beginners. Another problem was that the prizes you win aren’t really motivating enough to play the game. I can see people playing this game to extend their knowledge on the world and locations, however not for travel tips and secrets. Maybe that’s just me, because I’m not that interested in locations around the world when I can just easily google them, instead of playing a game.


  • Learn about locations around the world
  • Exclusive deals are on offer
  • Can be addictive if you play often enough.
  • Make new friends


  • You need to read the synopses carefully.
  • Isn’t easy to just jump in and have a go.
  • If you don’t know how to use Twitter then you won’t be able to play.
  • Can seem a little boring.
  • Awards aren’t motivating enough.

WINTWAI! ‚Äď Where IN The World Am I?

Welcome to WINTWAI, and I bet you’re all wondering what exactly is WINTWAI? Well it is a social networking game that uses Twitter to not only expand your knowledge about locations in the world, but also to give mind of your inspiration you are so desperately searching for.

How does WINTWAI work?

Good question, every few hours WINTWAI will upload a photo of a location on Twitter. This could be from a world landmark or even the current location that the host is in. If you tweet the correct answer for the location, then you will receive a special QR tag, which will unlock secret holiday destinations, amazing tips on how to achieve a peaceful holiday, voucher opportunities and a lot of free goodies! We have teamed up with various travel agents and experts to bring all you Wintainers the best possible experience.

What is a WINTWAI-P?

WINTWAI-P is simply the points you will earn for each photo that you guess the correct location. The host records this point system and there are extra bonuses for people who reach certain levels. There are three different levels, and depending on your dedication and knowledge you can keep advancing through the game. When you advance to the next level, the host will send you a QR tag which will link you to a digital postcard, and you go into the draw to win the weekly prize!

  • ¬†Lvl 1 ‚Äď Wintwainers = 1, 000 WINTAI-P
  • Lvs 2 ‚ÄďWintwaniniens = 10, 000 WINTAI-P
  • Lvl 3 ‚Äď Ultra Wintwaninens = 100,000 WINTAI-P


On Fridays the WINTWAI host will upload a photo at exactly 1:00pm, this photo will be extremely hard to locate. If you are the first person to tweet the correct location of the photo, then you will win one hundred points.

This game is fun, knowledgeable and inspiring. The best thing to get your mind away from your desk and into holiday mode!

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It’s Like a Jungle Sometimes¬†

This short piece (1:44) was produced by third years as their PP1 project. Before I watched the short story, I read the blurb on the side and it immediately intrigued me and inspired me. I immediately played the video and was greeted with three different types of animals being micd, a monkey, bear and an elephant.

The monkey is a cheeky character who is a twenty three year old male that lives with roommates. You automatically get the impression that he is a typical guy demonstrating his dominance through such phrases like “the girls love me” and “don’t talk shit about my mum.” He is the most robust, out-there character in the short story and definitely out shines the other two.

The bear is a twenty-one year old male who is six foot three and like the colour blue. He also enjoys fishing and has an awesome fishing rod, which sparks great excitement in him. Other then this one time he is a dull and sad bear who doesn’t seem to be interested in the conversation at all. The bear lives by himself ¬†since he moved out of home.

The elephant is a nineteen year old girl who is a student and likes photography. Straight away the audience is given the impression that she is shy character that needs a lot of guidance, this is shown through the host prompting her to expand on her answers. The only little bit of excitement we see in her is when she discusses her love for photography.

This digital story is interesting in the development of storytelling. I believe that it did tell a story about people and who we are in society, as when asked the question “do you spend a lot of time by yourself?” They all agreed that they did, however they didn’t know why. It’s interesting to note that it’s the only thing they seem to have in common as they are all completely different animals, living completely different lives. Providing your audience with this amount of information is okay to do if there is enough visually happening (I believe the monkey helps with this). But this story allows your mind to be creative and connect with these animals, through digital story telling.


  • The mise-en-scene suits each character and their personalities for example ¬†the monkey has everything messy and unorganised, the bear is only accompanied by a couch, pillows and a photograph, and finally the elephants mise-en-scene represented her well as it displayed a camera and even a statue of an elephant.
  • Allowing enough information for the audience to let their creativity take over.
  • Animal costumes thus hiding identity as in todays society what you look like plays a huge role in how people treat you.
  • No camera movement provides perfect framing and an easy story line to follow.


  • If you’re not creative then this story would probably confuse you.


Shot entirely on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch this short digital story goes for around 3:14. This piece of work is amazing, as it has a semi clear story line and amazing camera techniques. The story of course has a lot of unanswered questions like who is the man on the motor bike? Who are the guys in the house and why did they get shot? Who is the girl jogging and why did she get captured? All of these questions run through your mind as the story unfolds to a certain degree, and like a good thriller you are left with a cliff hanger. I believe it is important to note that they accomplished so much with so little technology and equipment. I especially enjoyed the camera angles and am curious to know how they accomplished such amazing footage. This show story is highly important to the development of digital stories, as it proves you don’t need fancy equipment to make an engaging and breathtaking story.



  • Amazing camera angles.
  • Great story line, fully engaging.
  • Fantastic use of music.
  • Acting was amazing
  • Proof that you don’t need highly expensive technology to achieve a great story.
  • Risky shots, you truly felt connected with the piece.


  • Was blurry sometimes.
  • Structure of the story could have been a little more clear.


This short digital story is a love story in nine minutes extracted from the film Up. The video begins with two children, a little girl and a little boy. The little girl is full of excitement and makes him cross his heart that he will never reveal to anyone what she is about to show him. The little boy says nothing accept he crosses his heart and looks at her with wide eyes and anticipation. The little girl then proceeds to pull out a book that she has created for her adventures, in the first page it shows a picture of the falls in South America. This is her dream and she eagerly discusses it with the boy, who sits there and says nothing. The girls skips out the window and onto a tree where she says “you don’t talk much, I like you,” and vanishes. The boy then goes to the window and leans on a balloon which pops and the shot is cut to a scene of the, now a young woman and man, getting married. We see their lives and their ¬†struggles but most importantly we see their love and dedication to their dream of South America. Years pass and she get’s rather ill, and then passes away, leaving the old man by himself. This is an important story to the advancement of the developing digital story world, as it displays high levels of emotion in such a short time. To be able to connect to the characters in nine minutes in such a way, is a technique that short stories must adopt.


  • Highly emotional.
  • Beautifully animated.
  • Fantastic use of time.
  • Not confusing.
  • Obtain a deep connection with characters.
  • Character development is presented strongly.


  • Highly emotional.
  • You will go through a lot of tissues.


The History of the Internet


Majority of Australians have the Internet, however where did it come from and how did it become what it is today? These questions can be very complicated, however when answered in a story format it becomes fun and engaging! Have a go at learning the history of the Internet through my Storify, by clicking the image above. 

ImageI made five changes to the Student Responsibilities Charter, and they are each significant and reflect my time at RMIT. To begin with I started with the idea of challenges, as that was the first thing that really grabbed my attention. At RMIT I have faced many challenges, to begin with I’m twenty-one in first year as I started late. I already feel the pressure and challenges to not only fit in but also the challenges of my age in a industry that has its age appropriate mediums. There will also be many more challenges that I will face in my journey through this degree, and I want to not only embrace them but overcome them.

My second change was about working hard, being passionate, finding your creativity and having fun. I believe that this is great advice for anyone at RMIT. You can’t go through a degree restricting yourself to fun, I truly believe a balance is needed to open your mind to creative thinking. Passion is a quality that will get you far at RMIT, if you’re truly passionate about your degree then the ‘work’ won’t be so hard, it will be fun.

My third change is something that I have tried to do my entire life, and this definitely applies to RMIT. Treat others as you would like to be treated, this is of-course very common advice that often goes unimplemented. I believe that if you treat others with kindness, then in return you yourself will receive their kindness. A great quality to possess if you’re like me and trying to make as many friends as possible.

My fourth significant change is accept everyone no matter how different they may seem, a chance is all that is needed. This is great advice that I wish more people would adopt. So many people get judged before they even open their mouths, it has happened to me and it probably happens to a lot of other people. In other words don’t judge anyone until you give them a chance, and if you’re not wiling to give someone a chance then maybe open your mind to new people. It’s like finding a diamond among rocks, something extra special because you opened yourself up, gave them a chance and they end up being a lovely person. You don’t know till you try!

My last and less significant change was changing thought into thoughts, as I believe not one thought will achieve a lot. You need to open your mind and expand, turning that one thought into lots of champion thoughts!


Not only was the word ‘App’ ¬†listed as the Word of The Year by the American Dialect Society in 2010 (Wikipedia), but it has created a revolution among smart phone users! To begin with an app on a smartphone was originally used for advancing productivity and information retrieval like calendar and emails (Wikipedia). However with the right set of tools and a creative mindset, people have created App’s for games and other various fun activities.

This idea of taking the original concept of an App and making it into something that we can utilise in our every day life has defiantly changed the contemporary mediascape. Anyone with a smartphone and the right set of Apps, can quickly get their information out to the world. It’s as simple as taking a photo on Instagram, updating a status on Facebook or Tweeting on Twitter. By using these Apps, people can quickly access their social media and even faster upload information. Now social media Apps are a tool on a smart phone, however these apps have lead to many amazing things happen like American forces raid on Osama Bin Laden, Whitney Houston’s death and the airplane crash on the Hudson River. These events are just some of the many stories that citizens have broken first on Twitter. This may not of been done with an App however it is important to note that there are Apps available. And because of how available they are (often free), many more people around the world are taking the media landscape and shaping it into what they desire.

It’s not just smart phone users who are embracing the wonderful world of Apps, it is also businesses. Business like eBay, Hoyts and news stations are trying to give you the best possible service, through the easiest way. Not only are they achieving this but they are also communicating to the ‘modern man’ as majority of people have smart phones and are obsessed with Apps. This is a genius way to promote your business or even reach out to a wider audience.¬†


(Fun fact: Bump is the one billionth app on the Apple Store) 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook¬†
  • Find My Phone¬†
  • Skype¬†
  • Temple Run¬†
  • Snapchat¬†
  • Emoticons¬†
  • BuzzFeed¬†
  • Snake¬†
  • FML
  • Metlink