These three categories go hand in hand, as many people already know. You can get updates on fashion and celebrities via the internet (especially social networking) on technology. The connection between fashion, celebrity and technology was displayed through my google alerts.

For example my fashion alert, alerted me about Holmes and Yang’s Summer 2013 collection launch at New York Fashion Week last Thursday. Or you can find interesting news about the mysteries of a celebrity like how Emma Watson and Selena Gomez are on the most dangerous celebrity list. I know what you’re thinking, how could those two lovely celebrity girls be on that list? Well the answer to that is they are both ‘top searchers’ for internet hackers. Yes thats right, they are so popular that scammers and hackers have been using their names to gain information. And finally another way you could of looked up both these articles via google alerts, is on your new iPhone 5 which is currently making headlines all around the world. My google alert informed me that the phone is said to be slimmer, faster and lighter then previous models.