With Spring and Summer knocking on the doors of our frosty Melbourne homes, it’s time to get ready! Replace that scarf with a necklace, gloves with giant rings and that overly big jacket for a floral dress. However you will find in Melbourne that the weather is a little unpredicatable, and to be honest it will lie to you over and over again, so light cardigans are always a good thing. I have a few predictions of trends we will be witnessing on the streets of Melbourne.

– Pastels will still be strong! http://beginningboutique.com.au/products/Candy-Top.html

– Peplum tops will also be very popular! http://www.allyfashion.com/store/tops/7399-textured-peplum-top.html

– And don’t fotget to accesorize with a lot of bracelets!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog on Sound Wave Festival, for Music Festival outfit ideas!